3 in 1 Top Secret Toque Review

When I started crocheting, I DESPISED worsted weight hat patterns. Even the basic DC hat pattern felt tedious and time consuming. So I made all my hats with a chunky yarn, and I was content.

Until, I was asked by Lindsay Wunsch to review her 3 in 1 Top Secret Toque pattern. I was extremely excited, because this was a completely different concept than a lot of hat patterns I have seen thus far. It has 3 ways to wear it, and it gave me an opportunity to practice my technical crochet skills.

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The biggest feature about this hat, is that you can wear it 3 ways: regular beanie style, messy bun, and with a pom-pom.

As far as design goes, the possibilities are really endless. Because this is a very straight-forward and simple-to-follow pattern, you don’t have to just stick to a one skein, one color hat. After I finish this first batch, I plan on trying different kinds of stripes, and color combinations for the brim / body / pom-pom.

For this pattern, you will need a worsted weight yarn and an I – 5.50mm crochet hook.

I use both Vanna’s Choice and Loops & Threads Impeccable, and both have given me fantastic results, as far as stitch definition and feel. The hats are soft, but still retain good shape. I definitely plan on experimenting with other yarns / fibers in the future!

The pattern is written very well, with a clean layout and design. Lindsay packs it full of information by providing gauge, abbreviations, notes, and pictures.

If something just doesn’t make sense to you, or you aren’t getting the results you’re supposed to, Lindsay is excellent at providing designer support, and making sure the problem gets solved.

As far as I know, this is the only pattern that she has for sale. (BUMMER!)

She does however, have several finished products available for sale, so be sure to check those out!





2 thoughts on “3 in 1 Top Secret Toque Review

  1. It looks like a comfy hat, perfect for cold weather! Can it be worn with the brim folded up, or would you have to add more length to the brim section to do that?

    • It is super comfy!

      I would recommend making the brim a little longer to be able to fold up the entire brim.

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