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Bracelets are one size fits most. 


This bracelet can handle being washed and dried in a washer and dryer.

Yarn is 100% acrylic.


Color Options & Descriptions: 


Please note that L x W x H are for shipping purposes and does not represent the measurements for each bracelet. 


Sea Glass: 

A speckled pattern of blues & greens that reminds me of sea glass. 

Colors: Dark Blue, Light Green, White.   


Pink & Green Sprinkles: 

Reminiscent of sprinkles on a sugar cookie. 

Colors: Hot Pink, Light Pink, Bright Green, White.  


Oatmeal Tweed: 

A neutral tweed pattern that makes the perfect subtle accessory. 

Colors: Brown-toned white with flecks of dark brown.  


Vanilla Tweed: 

A light colored tweed bracelet that is sure to match almost any outfit! 

Colors: Cream with flecks of different shades of brown.  


Neon Lights: 

A bright and exciting bracelet straight from the 80’s! 

Colors: Pink, Orange, Dark Green, Light Green, Blue, Yellow.  




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